Thursday, January 28, 2016

My first English / crafty entry in here!!

Alright!! I know, I's a huge change from what I've been doing so far but I promise I'll post more often from now on whenever I create something pretty!
So far all I did was about my adventure as an au pair...well that didn't end well...
But today's focus is about crafts, as may remeber on old post, I can crochet, knit, well I also do crafts and arts, lately my hobby had been cardmaking...and I'm getting good at it!
It all started with my boyfriend proposing me, and me trying to make a DIY wedding, starting by the invitations, wich I haven't finished yet because we don't have where to do it or when (money problems) so I just made 25/80-90ish I have to make, just the base, so for that reason until the day I send them I will not show them.
Animal print inspired by RobinMosesNailArt 
For the last couple of years I had many
Red roses inspired by RobinMosesNailArt.
hobbies, my first one was and still is Nail Art, I actually went to beauty school at my country and got my license as a nail technician, all was inspired by RobinMosesNailArt, she is an amazing teacher and artist, you can also find her on YouTube. Because of her I had the courage of doing amazing things and some day I wish I could meet her!
My second on the list is crochet, I'm self-taught,once again thanks to YouTube, there are thousands of hundreds of how to, patterns and tutotials. Crochet Geek is one of my favorite but if you want patterns and tutorials in spanish I'll recommend  Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas, and you can also find her at her blog.
My third hobby, and once in a while I'll do some of it, is jewelry making. It all stated with me trying to learn how to make friendship braceletes and I found BeyondBracelets, that led me  to jewelry making , one of my favorite channels on YouTube is Beadaholique.
One afternoon when I was about to finish my first year as an au pair, I decided I wanted to leave a present to the family, I wanted to make a scrapbook album, first I turned to pinterest for inspiration and then I went to Michael's and bought my supplies, I had a picture in my head of how I want it to look like so I went ahead and I turn out pretty great. I have a video somewhere but since it has the kids pictures I won't post it here.

The scrap-booking led me to card-making, that's where I got the idea of making D.I.Y wedding invitations. To be honest, I had no idea of where to start!! So I bought some essentials, like paper trimmer, crafting mat, some stamps, glue. I was all set to start but of course I'm complicated, I wanted to have some embossing on the invitations, so I search on YouTube how to emboss, because I wanted the effect on my cards and I stumbled withJennifer McGuire's channel, she makes amazing tutorials and gives amazing tips, she explains everything to make it simple for a card-making newbie like me and you can find her on her blog here, from her I got toKristina Werner's channel and her blog and with the dynamic duo I found a lot more of other channels and that I love!! With all that said I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! I'll
post all the links to their channels an blogs below and happy crafting or whatever that you heart sings for!! See you all on my next post.

Nai Art YouTube channels
3TanjaJ3 (I think she is not active anymore)
Dollface22772 (she cracks me up)

 Crochet YouTube channels
enterlac stich
Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas 

Knitting YouTube channels

Jewelry making YouTube channels
BeyondBracelets (friendship bracelets)
Svetlana McDaniel 

Crafts, arts & carmaking YouTube channels
Gustamontón (spanish)

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